the first post…

So here it is, the inaugural post on “dreaming between the lines” (thank you Flaubert), my first foray into the world of blogs… I should probably start by explaining what all this will be about. To put it simply, I’ll be writing about writing. Helpfully, I’m a writer, of novels, stories and screenplays, and I’ll be exploring thoughts about writing, theories, ideas, philosophies – manifestos – as well as sharing tales of my own experiences as I try to gain my way into the citadel, the promised land of publication. I’ve had a small taste of this so far, with stories published in two anthologies (Bristol Tales, Watermark). The story published in Bristol Tales is the first chapter of a novel, which I will be sending out into the writing world in the hope of finding a lovely agent… Having completed numerous and brutal edits, I now have the fully realized version of that original dream…

2 thoughts on “the first post…

  1. Welcome to the blogsphere! Now go into your settings and enable RSS feed so we can follow your progress 🙂

  2. Why don’t you test new short stories on us. This is a good point for a blog, Laurence (still in France, always a dreamer and hoping to read these new lines very soon…)

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