Screenplays, short stories and YA sci-fi


ALTERED: Altered Sequence Book One.

CORRUPTED: Altered Sequence Book Two.



USE OF FORCE: gritty, character-based procedural pilot.

  • Philadelphia Film Festival Comcast/NBCUniversal Prime Time TV Pilot winner
  • Scriptapalooza 3rd place winner
  • PAGE Awards Finalist
  • Austin Film Festival Screenplay competition top 10%

ALTERED: teen sci-fi Fringe/The Vampire Diaries-style pilot.

  • Austin Film Festival Screenplay competition top 10%

AFTERSHOCKS: one man trying to keep his family together holds the key to saving the world from what may be the end of days.

  • PAGE Awards Top Ten Finalist

SOUTHLAND: “Blood Ties” spec script

  • Scriptapalooza quarterfinalist

MODERN FAMILY: “P-Daddy Don’t Preach” spec script

  • Scriptapalooza quarterfinalist



Stories published in anthologies:

1. The Place That Will Keep us

  • 2013 Momaya Annual Review

2. Love Like A Shooting Star Across The Dream-Night Of The World

  • 2010 Momaya Annual Review

3. Fell In Love With A Girl (published as Laura’s Tale)

  • Bristol Tales

4. Black Cat

  • Watermark

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